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Design and Build Services

At TZEN Home Co. we develop functional and innovative solutions for your home or business. We manage projects from design to construction, or we can provide design services and hand-off to your preferred contractor for building. Our high-level process is outlined below. We'd love to help with your next project. 


Design Consultation

We will schedule a meeting (virtually or in-person) to discuss your project and identify your vision for what you're hoping to accomplish. During this session we'll also identify any barriers or challenges we might run into and discuss solutions. 



Design Options Presentation

Our team develops creative design options based on the consultation. We present the design options to you to determine the best fit for your project and identify any necessary revisions to make your vision a reality.

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Architectural Plans

If your project is a major renovation or requires permits, we will have architectural plans drawn up that cover your design and ensure exact dimensions and specifications to meet code and your vision.



Engage Construction Team

With the design and/or architectural drawings complete, we can engage the appropriate contractor(s) to perform the work. Some projects can be completed by our in-house team, but some may require engaging one of the licensed contractors that we partner with for the build and installaton.

Construction Worker


Manage Project Implementation

We provide dedicated project management and oversight services to ensure that your project is completed to specifications. We work directly with the contractor to monitor the schedule, budget, and quality of the project and keep you properly informed.

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Home Construction
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